Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Biestrzykowice

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The first mention of the church dates back to 1376, but no further details of its origin have survived. According to later information, the church was taken over by Protestants in the 16th century, but in 1654 it was reclaimed by the Catholics. In 1838, the wooden steeple was dismantled and replaced with a masonry one. In 1888, the base and floor finishes were added, and in 1915–16 the church underwent a comprehensive renovation.

Most of the valuable furnishings were lost in the fire which devastated the church in 1991. The most important interior elements included an early 17th-century pulpit with a sculpture of the Good Shepherd on the canopy, and a mid-18th-century font shaped like a kneeling cherub carrying a goblet. There is also an interesting gallery with a Baroque pipe organ casing, and an 18th-century candelabra. Inside the church, you can also see the tombstone of Eva Poser, funded in 1611 by her son, Daniel Poser. The tombstone features a relief of Eva Poser and four cartouches. In front of the church, there are statues of the Holy Mother and St Joseph.


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