Shrine of St Gilles

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In the church of the Nativity of Mary and St Martin in Strzelce, there are a number of brick shrines. The three dedicated to Our Lady of Lourdes, the Good Shepherd and St Giles recently underwent renovation. Each shrine is covered with a double-pitched roof with pinnacles flanking a cross on two frontal edges.

The statue of St Giles can be found in the shrine to the right of the main entrance to the church. In Medieval Europe, St Giles and St Martin of Tours were two of the most revered saints. St Giles is the patron saint of fishermen, shepherds, shipwreck survivors, archers or breastfeeding mothers. The statue in Strzelce depicts the saint with the Pastoral staff in his right hand, the Bible in his left hand, and a lamb at his feet. St Giles is dressed in a habit with a rosary hung at his belt, and a cowl.

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