Church of the Purification of the Virgin Mary in Bukowie

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The exact year of completion of the church in Bukowie is unknown, but it is usually dated to the 15th century. The aisle in the southern part of the church originates from the 16th century, and the steeple with an octagonal tented roof, which is not directly connected to the church interior, dates back to the 17th century. The church underwent several renovations, including replacement of the roof covering.

Inside the church, there are a number of valuable items, notably the Late Renaissance main altar, which originates from ca. 1600 and has a painting of the Last Supper. You can also see an interesting Baroque marble font with an umbonate basin. Inside the basin, there is a tin bowl with an inscription and a scene of a baptism in the Jordan river dated 1715. Other valuable items in the church include paintings of Foot Washing and the Adoration of the Christ Child dated at the turn of the 17th and 18th century, and a local curiosity – a bronze spider from the 18th century. The wooden gallery parapets are decorated with painted scenes of the Brazen Serpent, the Crucifixion, Elijah’s Vision and the Ascension.

The invocation of the church refers to the feast of Purification of the Virgin Mary, commonly known as Candlemas.

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