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Krakow Gate (Brama Krakowska)

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One of the best preserved and most crucial elements of the fortifications of Namysłów is the Krakow Gate (Brama Krakowska), which in the past was known as Kreczmar Tower (Baszta Kreczmarska), Tall Tower (Baszta Wysoka), and also as Gunpowder Tower (Wieża Prochowa) – it owed the latter name to the fact that it was used as an observation point and artillery position. The name of Krakow Gate refers to both the gate itself and the castle tower at the gate, which underwent comprehensive renovation a few years ago and is now one of the main tourist attractions in Namysłów. Climb all 146 stairs to see a spectacular vista of the town from a height of 26 metres. The lookout point is located at exactly the same height above ground as the positions of the knights who used to stand guard over the Medieval town.

The gate is part of the town’s defensive walls. Construction of the walls began in the 15th century; in subsequent centuries the fortifications were expanded and supposedly as many as 45 towers were built on the walls. The most prominent tower guarded the Krakow Gate, which served as the entrance to the town. At the turn of the 19th and 20th century, the gate was widened. During the renovation of 1998, a timber portcullis was installed inside the gate that is similar to the one that guarded the entrance to the town in the Middle Ages. On the front wall, you can see the crest of Namysłów.

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