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Fountain in Namysłów

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The oldest fountain in Namysłów, located in the Town Square and surrounded by quaint tenement houses, was funded by Paul and Theodor Feige in 1913. The competition for the design of the fountain, announced by the authorities of Namysłów, was won by Paul Baron from the Breslau Art School (Breslauer Kunstschule). The date of construction of the fountain was written on a memorial plaque, which has unfortunately been lost.

The fountain is shaped like a hexagon. Its centrepiece is a tall column with a figure of a small boy holding a fish in one hand and a jug in the other – both serve as gargoyles from which the water flows. The statue of the boy was founded in bronze and gold-plated. The citizens and tourists visiting Namysłów throw pennies into the fountain in the hope that the boy may grant them their wishes.

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