Art enchanted in wood

Welcome to the quest through which you will get to know the exquisitely beautiful wooden architecture of the Namysłów region. The local churches, steeped in faith and history, will transport you to a distant past. Feel the magic of this place and uncover the secrets of wooden temples. Let us meet in Woskowice Małe where our quest will begin! If finding this place turns out to be a challenge, you can use the map on which we have plotted the locations of all objects. Also, there will be hints and tips available when you are solving the riddles. We hope, however, that you can manage without them, because the fun and sense of achievement will be so much greater! By uncovering the letters in the password, you will read the name of a certain theologian who started a new religious movement.


Distance 30.0 km
Duration 3:00 h

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