Sacred wanderings

Wander with us through the scenic areas around Świerczów. Learn the history and uncover the secrets of the local churches. This quest will take you to the most beautiful historic altars, the jewels of local architecture, and the witnesses of the local history. It will be so much fun! Let us meet at the intersection of Podhalańska and Parkowa streets in Dąbrowa. You will be discovering the riddle sites as you go along - if you have trouble finding a site, use our map! Also, there will be hints and tips when you solve the riddles. By solving the riddles, you will gradually uncover the letters of the password. The quest will end when you learn the name of the family who greatly contributed to the region, among others by funding a number of churches. See you out there!


Distance 10.0 km
Duration 1:30 h

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