Wolves, beeches and wheat

Let us wander through the endless lowlands around Wilków. The quest will take you to the most interesting religious monuments in the area and more! On our way, we will meet St John of Nepomuk and uncover the secrets of the palace in Pszeniczna. We hope that our riddles will allow you to learn the history of these places. The starting point is the church in Wilków, so we will see you there! Remember, you can see the location of every game on the map - use it if finding the location on your own proves to be too difficult. Also, you can use hints and tips when solving the riddles, but we do hope they won't be necessary! As you solve the riddles, you will gradually uncover the password - the name of a famous local bellfounder - a craftsman who made bells, cannon barrels, statues and other items by casting them from molten metal. He is the patron of this quest.


Distance 16.0 km
Duration 2:00 h

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