The Nooks of Namysłów

Welcome to Namysłów, a town which received its urban charter in early 18th century, but had existed long before that! The Spirit of History is strong here and also serves as an unusual guide who will take us through the nooks of Namysłów to better learn the history of the town. The riddles prepared by the Spirit will make you think but you will have no problems solving it. After all, we are in Namysłów where thinking comes particularly easy! However, should any complications arise, there will be hints and tips, both for the riddles and for discovering new locations. Let us embark on the adventure then - we are waiting for you at the most important building in town which you will find in the heart of the Town Square. By solving the riddles, you will learn the name of the keeper of this quest - a king to whom Poland owes a lot!


Distance 2.0 km
Duration 1:30 h

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