Industrial Monuments Route

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You can start your bicycle trip down the Industrial Monuments Route in Jastrzębie where, at number 9 Opolska street, you will find the old smithy. Though unassuming, the building used to be one of the most important in the village. Restored, it now serves as a reminder of the past.

Head north from Jastrzębie towards Namysłów. In the town, there are three very interesting objects, among them the still working brewery which goes back to the 16th century. The brewery is privately owned. The Namysłów castle is located on its premises. The next stop on the route is the recently created Chamber of Milling Technology in Piastowska street, located in an old mill and offering interesting insights into the traditions and history of breadmaking. Leaving Namysłów via Konopnickiej and Staromiejska street, you can also see the old Mill at the Widawa river. The building is picturesquely overgrown, so the best time to see it is in the summer or in autumn when it is covered with a gold and brown foliage carpet.

The next object on the route is the historic granary in Woskowice Górne (or, to be more precise, in the nearby hamlet of Świbne), built at the turn of the 19th and 20th century. To get to the granary, head towards Gręboszów and after the railway crossing, turn left towards Strzelce. Go past the village and then turn left again towards Woskowice Górne. After several hundred metres, you will reach the hamlet and the historic granary.

You can take the same road to go further north towards Woskowice Małe. As you leave the village, go through the intersection with the national road no. 39 towards Baldwinowice. The final stop on the route is the village of Pszeniczna where you will find the last objects on the Industrial Monuments Route – the historic distillery and the flaking plant. Although privately owned, they are definitely worth a look, even from a distance.

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