Filial church of our Lady Queen of Poland in Domaszowice

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The filial church was constructed in 1985 on a layout of two squares, one of them is upturned. At the point where two roof ridgepoles meet there is a tower of a shape of a pyramid and a square base, with
a crowning. The roof is covered with sheet metal. The church windows have a shape of a rhombus, but the roof side windows are triangular. Over the church entrance, in the window of a shape of a cross, there is
a figure of martyred Christ. In the interior, what dominates are wooden panels and emporas of the music loft of a warm honeylike colour shade. In the chancel, in its central place, there is a painting of Our Lady of Częstochowa. Below the painting there is the tabernacle. In the chancel there is also a wooden mensa and a cross. On two sides of the central painting there are images of Merciful Jesus and of Virgin Mary with the Child in a form of a Vladimir Mother of God. On the walls there are bas-relief stations of the Way of the Cross displayed, which match the interior decoration of the church.

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