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Defensive walls in Namysłów – Staszica street

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In recent years, the walls in Staszica and Piastowska streets have undergone extensive repair and renovation works which have significantly improved their tourist appeal.

The phases of construction of the walls in Staszica street were identified during the recent renovation works. The first two phases occurred in the early 15th century, when the curtain walls, i.e. walls closing off the courtyard, were built on stone foundations. The third phase was at the turn of the 15th and 16th century, and mainly involved the construction of the shell tower, for which a section of the wall had to be dismantled. The walls of the shell tower are 60 cm thick in places. In later centuries, the wall underwent several reconstructions and expansions. The thin section of wall which was connected to the fire brigade station probably originates from the 18th century. The section at the nearby school was built in the interwar period, when the wall became the outer wall of an outbuilding with two doors. The door openings were walled up in the 1990s, when the foundations and the shell tower structure were also reinforced.

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