Church of the Holy Trinity in Baldwinowice

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The church in Baldwinowice is one of the oldest churches in the Namysłów region. The oldest part of the church is the chancel with the sacristy, built in brick before 1414. We can assume that the entire church was originally intended to be a brick structure, but in 1583 the local Protestant community added a wooden nave. The steeple, originating from the second half of the 17th century, was built when the church returned to the Catholic community.

The style of the interior is generally Baroque, with the main altar originating from the later years of this period and depicting the coronation of the Holy Mother among clouds, joined by St Joachim and St Anne. In the side altar there is a triptych dated to 1525, including a sculpture of the Virgin and Child with Saint Anne. Other interesting elements of the church interior include the Renaissance pulpit, church benefactors’ pens, and a Baroque pipe organ.

The current appearance of the interior is the result of multiple renovations conducted at the turn of the 19th and 20th century. The polychromed walls were frequently repainted; the current wall paintings were made in 1907 by a painter and conservation specialist named Alfred Schneider, who left one 18th-century painting uncovered.

Recent archaeological digs in the church in Baldwinowice, conducted mainly in the nave, uncovered tombs and 19th-century coins.

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