Nature Lovers’ Route

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The best place to begin your adventure with the Nature Lovers’ Route is the office of the Stobrawa Landscape Park in Ładza. In the Centre for Experiencing the World, you can find plenty of interesting facts and trivia not only about the park, but the region in general.

From the Centre, follow Wolności street towards the road no 454 which is one of the longer sections of the route. Turn left into the road and you will soon find yourself in a pleasantly shadowed forest park with four fish ponds named Anna, Paulina, August and Matylda. You can make a short stop there, take a quick walk and watch the rich local avian fauna.

Several kilometres down the road no. 454, you will reach the village of Pokój where you can find a historic park with plenty of ponds, an interesting glacial erratic, some statues, and a fountain house - a large but unfortunately ruined structure. As you leave Pokój, you will have forest on both your sides, providing much needed respite on hot days.

The next stop on the route are the fish ponds in Krogulna. This is also a nice spot for a quick rest, with the calm ponds and lush vegetation providing a pleasant backdrop. Make sure to gather your strength for the next leg, as it will be the longest one – around 20 km to the reservoir in Michalice. In Ziemiełowice, turn from the road 454 towards Łączany, then head towards Kluczbork and Kępno, where you will take a left into the cobblestone-paved Staromiejska street. Cross the overpass and turn right into a narrow road which will take you straight to Michalice. Circle around the reservoir to enjoy all of its charm.

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