Wooden Churches Route

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Start your trip on the Wooden Churches Route at the quaint and charming church in Woskowice Małe. Located in the heart of the village, on a small hill, this slightly mossy temple encourages a closer look, in particular, the half-timbered porch. As you follow the route, you will see more structures built in this particular style.

Follow the winding road through the village, passing the palace which now houses a drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre, and head towards Baldwinowice for another jewel of wooden architecture. First, get to the national road no. 39. Looking slightly to the right, you will see a straight section of the road. Take it to reach a church concealed in the woods. The shadowed bench will be a perfect spot for a rest.

To reach the next stop, which is the church in Michalice, go back the national road no. 39 and turn right, and then turn right again towards Michalice. When you are in the area, make sure to visit the Michalice Reservoir and go around it or at least along a section of the shore.

Go further south towards Namysłów. Cut through the town centre towards Oławska street which passes into Żymierskiego street in Smarchowice Śląskie and will take you to the next wooden church which boasts exceptionally rich stained glasses in all of the church windows.

The final stop on our bicycle trip is the church in Krasowice. To reach it, go back several hundred metres and turn left after the bus stop into the road towards Krasowice. On the intersection, turn left and head for the church.

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